Getting your very own TheBruvs T-shirt or Mug could not be easier.

We have a selected range of merchandise stuff at the moment … Several t shirt designs and rather nice Mugs – with TheBruvs’ mugs on them. We are planning lots more in the future… BUT, for now, to secure your slice of TheBruvs memorabilia all you have to do is go via this link :


Simply look through the images on our ebay page, specify your selection in the COMMENTS section, settle up – and we will get right on it!

IF there are any issues or special requests, please message us via ebay or DM us via our twitter or Facebook pages or email us via this website.

We hope you like our stuff and might take the plunge to get yourself something.

REMEMBER – we love to see little video messages or photos of you in TheBruvs gear or holding a TheBruvs mug – giving us and our pages a little shout out! Not many! We share them and add you to our ever-growing posse of posers.

Thank you as always – we are most grateful for all support for TheBruvs.