Hello – from TheBruvs. Our new film – the extended mega-mix of WE ARE THEBRUVS – is now here on our website and on our YouTube channel. We have had another run on Dave and we continue to have 11 films at the Video On Demand site for UKTV – UKTVplay.

We continue to make our mark on TV, online and in the Press, in blogs, vlogs and podcasts… We are so grateful.

Special thanks as ever to all our supporters who rally behind us all the time on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, tumblr and here at the website. We cannot say Thanks enough. So, Thanks. And.. once more for luck: Thanks.

Of course, we are always trying to grow a bit more and to spread the word about TheBruvs. So, who else might like TheBruvs?

We describe ourselves as “little funny films for grown-ups”… so it would be nice to think we would appeal to fans of some of those animation juggernauts like The Simpsons, Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, American Dad, Bojack Horseman and South Park.

Of course, they are American products .. BUT we have an ever-growing following in the US (and other parts of the World) and some of those fans are truly fanatical. In the nicest possible way. They can even quote back whole episodes of TheBruvs to us. Impressive. If a little troubling.

So, if you are an established fan of The Simpsons, Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, American Dad, South Park or Bojack Horseman… why not give TheBruvs a go? We are British but so was The Office, Monty Python, er.. and some other stuff too. OR if you know people who are die-hard fans of those US shows, please mention TheBruvs to them, share a link or direct them to us here at TheBruvs.com or to any of our other sites.

It might be like comedy tindr… or grindr. A match made in heaven, waiting to be made.

COMING SOON  – Our next film – TOILET FRESH – is at a very advanced stage. Our music gurus are working on a new track for it. Some final polishing – and it should be up very soon. We love it. but we are biased.

Thank you all for all the support. Please keep telling people about us. MORE, much MORE from us soon and after that too.