10, 9, 8, 7….. The clock is ticking down to TheBruvs making their debut on the UKTV channel Dave – home of Top Gear, QI, Crackanory and Red Dwarf and more… We are very excited at TheBruvs HQ and are working with the nice publicity and social media marketing people at UKTV to try and let as many people as possible know about our advent on telly. Please spread the word. May 2 is the key date… in the wee small hours. You might have to be an insomniac, student or our most ardent fan.

BUT in a very exciting further development .. from May 3 we will also be available on the UKTV VoD service online and on the Sky platform at UKTVplay… So please do find us there.

There will be more news soon on how to find us and links and more, more, more….

PLUS – Our new film is imminent … AND like all our NEW FILMS it will be exclusive to our YouTube channel and our website right here. So keep checking in here, at our YouTube channel and also to our twitter, facebook and instagram sites – all @TheBruvsTV

MORE news very soon.

Thank you all !!!!