We are not ones to say We Told You. BUT – We said we had exciting news coming soon. We told you. And now SOME of that news can be revealed… TheBruvs are thrilled to announce that, a bit like Doug and Den in their new palatial abodes, TheBruvs are on the move to a new home too. Some of our little funny films are coming to TV. Yes – television. Not many! And not just any old telly. TheBruvs have been lucky enough to do a deal with a MAJOR TV NETWORK in the UK! Not many!

For our new films, we will be staying right here at our website and at our YouTube channel – and on twitter and facebook, instagram and tumblr. We can’t say any more just at the moment.. But there won’t be long before all is revealed. We promise. We are really excited, chuffed and all things in between. And we are delighted to have done the deal with the company and the channels that we have. We have even more big hopes for TheBruvs and we look forward to telling you all more – soon!

In the meantime, we are well under way with TWO new films for our YouTube channel. One will reveal more than ever about the lovely Chanterelle. We are thrilled to get this film under way. It has always been our intention to develop the character of Chanterelle. We have always wanted to show that there is more to her than first appearances seem to suggest. In the film Talking With Dinosaurs – all that will become clear. We hope.

Our other new film will be a rather nice musical number. We are excited about that too. And as ever we thank our musical cohorts Stig and Pete. And we salute them.

As ever, we say a HUGE Thank You to all of you for all that you do to support, encourage and spread the word of TheBruvs. We are truly grateful. MORE is coming and we can’t wait to share it all with you.