TheBruvs have gone a bit X Files Mulder and Scully this week… You know, all that “The Truth is Out There” thing. All because the truth is OUT NOW – that TheBruvs are coming to TV .. to UKTV and to their Freeview channel Dave. YES – Dave. The channel of Top Gear, Mock the Week, QI.. new Red Dwarf, Alan Davies and much more besides.. including now 11 episodes of TheBruvs. All spruced up for TV.

Of course, we started all this here, online – and we will be staying online. We will still be on Facebook, still on twitter and still on instagram and tumblr .. and we will still be here at our website – TheBruvs hub – – AND our new films will be posted here and on our YouTube channel first. With new films coming very, very soon.

The showings on Dave – and possibly some other UKTV channels – like Drama, Yesterday and their streaming catch-up service UKTVplay – will start some time in May. We will be late night but we hope you will join us there. Transmission details will be released as soon as they are confirmed.

This will hopefully be an opportunity to grow TheBruvs even more and to help us with our plans to build TheBruvs and to make longer cartoons for you to enjoy, telling more of a sitcom-style story about all the characters. We have always had big plans for TheBruvs but have been constrained by budgets, time and the need to earn money in other ways. We still have to do that, currently, but IF TheBruvs can move up a gear… who knows???

As ever, we want to thank each and every one of you who has dipped in to view us, shared us, liked us and followed us. Please do stick with us.. We are not going anywhere. We have not gone all grand and posh or anything. New films will still be here on YouTube and at – and all the gags, news and updates will still be on facebook, twitter and all our other sites.

We want to thank UKTV for this great chance. And thanks to Broadcast magazine for the article. We are very excited. Not many!