FUNNY COMEDY CARTOON ANIMATION FROM THE BRUVS as things go all spoooooky for Hallowe’en. The traditional time of Trick or Treat is seized upon by brothers Doug and Den as they escort their nephew little Jason aorund the neighbourhood. They see it as a chance for some legalised Demanding-Stuff-With-menaces and up the ante by creating Brick or Treat. Now the neighbours are bricking it. A massive seasonal special from The Bruvs featuring the song Brick or Treat… Doug and Den are on the knock and are looking to cash in. They’re joined by Jason, spiders, bats and even dancing pumpkins – some of which look very familiar the the end. So keep watching… PLEASE COMMENT, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL – NEW FILMS ALL THE TIME. FIND MORE STUFF ON FACEBOOK, TWITTER AND INSTA – @TheBruvsTV and at our website PLEASE SUBSCRIBE