Hello – Hope you are all OK and coping. The World continues to be very disrupted and we continue to try to bring some laughs where we can.

We’ve always had international reach since we started – thanks to that internetty thing and that Youtube and our other social mediums.

BUT we’re very excited to say in BIG NEWS that we’re getting a bit of a showcase on an actual Australian TV show about webseries and short films. It’s all thanks to our pals at Elfenshot Films based in Melbourne in that Victoria in that Down Under. They’ve been invited to take part in the show and to select some shows to put on.

Our classic – even if we say so ourselves.. and we do. Often .. RUDE WORD is up and will be getting a showing. We are really rather excited.

We hope the good people of Australia who see it for the first time will take to it and might dive deep into our catalogue of more than 40 films on our exclusive Youtube channel currently.

Of course, we’re always adding to them even if it takes us a while. Animation on a budget with a very small team is time consuming. We keep saying it. Thank you for understanding.

RUDE WORD is the film most quoted back to us. Which is nice. It was fun coming up with all the alternative ways of saying Poo.

Of course, we missed some and we’d love to do a follow-up to Rude Word some time.

Our image for this piece is the Poster they’re going to use for the film.

As said, rather exciting. B0nzer, in fact.

We’ll keep you posted…

We hope you are managing to move forwards. Please keep following and sharing us on facebook, twitter and youtube… Check out our lovely shop too.

In the meantime – here is RUDE WORD .. Count the OTHER ways to say poo…


Keep safe… Til next time…