HELLO – It’s us, The Bruvs checking in and getting set to round up another year.

Obviously it has been another challenging year. We hope you’ve coped OK. Our aim, as ever, has been to try to bring some cheer. Maybe a laugh or two.

This time of year is all about Good Cheer.. The Season of Goodwill and all that.

Well, obvs, The Bruvs themselves don’t tend to do good will to all men. They operate on shorter fuses than that.

BUT it’s a funny old world when films we made at the very start of the Lockdown stuff – about Masks and all that – are totally topical again nearly two years on.

Obviously, like everyone, we hope things will loosen up a bit in the New Year. We’ll keep posting stuff.

We wish each and every one of you a Happy Christmas / Merry Holidays and we will continue to do what we can to entertain with more hijinks from the family that just can’t behave.

Have a good one…