HELLO – Greetings from The Bruvs HQ. Hope Christmas and The Holidays passed well for you. If not, we’re not that bothered.

What a year that has been.. But we’re pleased to say we’re still hanging in there and we’re still trying to raise a few laughs through it all.

Thanks for coming along for the ride. It’s been a blast.

We’re just trying to be a bit funny in difficult times, we guess. If that helps you we are delighted.

Thank you for all the continued support.. Thank you for spreading the word on The Bruvs. Please keep doing so. We are most grateful.. we want MORE subscribers on our youtube channel.. MORE followers on twitter and facebook and we want lots MORE fun with you and with The Bruvs.

We’re going to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR .. If you’re going OUT in some way.. don’t do as The Bruvs… See you all in 2022!!!!!

Here’s a little film of The Bruvs letting their hair down, shall we say…