FUNNY COMEDY CARTOON ANIMATION FROM THE BRUVS as a documentary on dinosaurs exposes a meteoric crater sized hole in the brothers’ knowledge – and an amazing revelation about Chanterelle. Pre-history and the Jurassic era collide with the modern day world of The Bruvs as they continue their quest to better themselves and behave away from the villainous past life. As ever, a trip to the bathroom for someone brings their violent tendencies to the fore and their beastly behaviour rear its head once more. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE – You can find more of The Bruvs on our social – Insta, Twitter Facebook – all @TheBruvsTV – and our website – ALL NEW CARTOONS ON THE WAY – This is another of our combined episodes using past films to illustrate what longer shows of The Bruvs would look like. Always our plan and we hope you enjoy. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE