As ever our first duty – and pleasure – is to say a MASSIVE Thanks for all the support we continue to receive all over the place. Here at the website, on YouTube, on twitter, on tumblr, on Facebook and on Dave on the TV and on catch-up at UKTVplay. We are most grateful.

As we continue to grow, we are picking up some great and loyal fans. You mean the world to us. We would not be doing this if it was not for you. All of you.

Of course, outside of that, there is ever-growing importance in the Media put on Celebrity backing and endorsement. TheBruvs are pleased to report an ever-swelling line-up of backing from household names. If you wonder whose company you are keeping… here’s a little run down…

The latest to join our supporters is the notorious gangland legend Dave Courtney. Some have suggested TheBruvs lead figures Doug and Den are based on Mr C. We could not possibly comment.

He joins the likes of Jeremy Clarkson – he formerly of Top Gear and now The Grand Tour. He tweeted about us, landing us with the tag #UselessAndProud.

Other names to mention would be :

Line of Duty, Mission Impossible and Westworld star Thandie Newton – an admirer, especially of our artwork.

Strictly Come Dancing’s Bruno Tonioli who has applauded some of our gags.

Coronation Street actor Simon Gregson – who plays Steve MacDonald – who has been a fan for a while and has even said he might “get along with TheBruvs”. Nice

Following us on twitter are that singer and Voice star Gavin Rossdale and TV’s Eamonn Holmes. Not many!

Another admirer of our art work is Melanie Sykes.

Loose Women and Birds of a Feather star Linda Robson is another admirer – often commenting on our posts and little funny films.

We are thrilled of course. But all the support we receive thrills us – in equal measure.

Please keep spreading the word about TheBruvs.

Our NEW FILM – called TOILET FRESH is coming VERY soon. Exclusive to our YouTube and – so please Subscribe to our YouTube channel and don’t miss out.

Thank you all!