A New Year means new stuff from TheBruvs and our extended family … We are working on TWO new films at the moment and we are very excited about both. One will be a full music video to accompany the full, long version of our theme song We Are The Bruvs. The other is an all-new adventure featuring the lovely Chanterelle. Not many! AND we promise this one will reveal much more about the mysterious West Essex Girl with the orange glow. There is much more to her than spraytan and that voice. We mean it. Worth the wait, we are sure. All will be revealed. Limited resources mean we can’t make our films as fast as we would lke to. So, the development of Chanterelle’s character ┬áhas taken a bit longer than we would have liked. But we are getting there. We are rather excited.

We are also hoping to have some VERY BIG news soon – very soon in fact – about a new way to watch The Bruvs. We will keep you fully posted. Again, we are rather excited.

AND we have to say Welcome to a new batch of posers showing how good they look in TheBruvs t shirts. They are all over our Facebook and twitter pages. Don’t forget to join The Bruvs there for all the latest news, gags and posts about us, behind-the-scenes stuff and more.

So, much more to come from us. We hope you all had a good Festive Season and Santa’s sack brought delights to you. We wish you all best for 2017. Thanks as ever for sticking with us – or for joining us afresh. More films, more news and more laughs from The Bruvs soon. Not many!