Hello all!!!

It’s Father’s Day weekend in many places and we want to Salute all those celebrating, being celebrated or remembering or being remembered… If you’re making an event of it – Enjoy!

You could still sort something from our Shop as a gift… We can add Names, Nicknames or Team Names… If wanted.

We have been busy as ever.. Working on all new cartoons, new podcast sketch comedy and new music and songs.. And we just posted possibly our Rudest film yet from The Bruvs.

It is rather naughty… putting together almost every rude word The Bruvs have used in our films so far in a potpourri of Potty Mouth. It goes beyond Rude Word, Another Rude Word and The Bollox Song – with bells on. Or Bollox on.

It’s a bit of fun. Give it a View – and as ever please do leave a comment, give it a like, give it a share and then do SUBSCRIBE to our Youtube channel. Please. Thank you.

As said, loads of new stuff being worked on and we’ll be sharing that just as soon as we think it is ready for you. This animation lark is not speedy, we’re afraid.

So, please do enjoy our new offering … and until next time.. Thank you all for all the support.

The Bruvs !