Exciting times continue for TheBruvs. What a year so far 2017 has been – and we are only half way through. WHAT? Half way already!

YES – TheBruvs are BACK on TV on the Dave channel as of tomorrow morning – early hours – June 13. We are thrilled to have another run so quickly. Do check us out there. We like to impress the powers-that-be at Dave and UKTV. In fact – if you spot TheBruvs on the actual TV… send a photo ¬†of the screen to our facebook or twitter or Insta – all @TheBruvsTV.

We also continue to have our very exciting presence at the catch-up Video On Demand services – UKTVplay and sky.com : Check us out there too. Please. Go on. Please.

Also – our newest film will be LIVE very soon. It is a massive, huge, giant, ginormous, gargantuan mega-mix of our really quite big signature tune We’re TheBruvs. And it has a GREAT music video to go with it. For this, take a bow Paul Richmond : our very talented sound, edit, tech, things the rest of us don’t really understand guru. It is a feast for the eyes – and ears! So please do tuck in – and share share share.

And, of course – for the music – take a bow : Stig Winslet and Pete Harbour : our really quite approachable music department.

Continuing the theme of EXCITING NEWS UPDATE stuff… We have been on a MASSIVE, GIANT… PUBLICITY DRIVE… We have seen action on the Evening Standard channel in London : London Live, on the Brentwood community radio station Phoenix FM with the great Michelle Ward – and we have been on east London radio – another community radio project.

We got a write-up in The Sunday Times culture section. YES – culture section. Not many!

Plus we had a write up in the British Comedy Guide – aka Chortle… being hailed as BEST comedy on demand! Thank you!

MORE publicity to come.. Please keep your eyes peeled. And do let us know if you spot any write-ups about us. It is hard to monitor everything.

So, TheBruvs continue to grow and we continue to say THANKS to all of you for joining us, sticking with us and for shouting out about us and sharing the word about all things TheBruvs. Please keep at it. We really want to grow some more and to bring you many more films. We love TheBruvs’ characters and we want to develop them even more.

Thank you ALL!!!