CARTOON COMEDY ROGUES THE BRUVS add their considerable weight to Public Information during the pandemic crisis. In an initiative that is completely unofficial – and uninvited by any authority anywhere in the world – The Bruvs have established the BRUVS OFFICE OF GENERAL INFORMATION (BOGI) and are creating a series of advice films to help explain certain things to the public. What could possibly go wrong? In their first offering, based on their experience of wearing masks in a, er, business capacity, Doug and Den offer a Do’s and Don’ts Guide to the rights and wrongs of mask wearing to help during the coronavirus situation. It is more likely of no help at all. But that doesn’t stop them. As ever, family niggles arise – not helped by weeks of lockdown and self-isolating together. Unfortunately more films are more than likely. Find more of The Bruvs on twitter, facebook and insta @TheBruvsTV and on soundcloud. Also at our website – PLEASE COMMENT, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE