COMEDY CARTOON ROGUES THE BRUVS HAVE BEEN HIT BY LOCKDOWN TOO…But those lovable villains Doug and Den wanted to make the most of the time. So, they learnt a new skill. Playing guitar. Here are the results. A musical feast for your ears and eyes. The Bruvs tell of their own lockdown experiences in song. And, of course, demonstrate how they might tackle a pandemic… with shotguns. All the clan is here .. Doug, Den with their guitars, Chanterelle, little Jason homeschooling… and Old Man Bruv with his shooter. Of course they also offer the benefit of their wisdom on a pandemic, toilet rolls and killing time. And they tell of their previous lockdown experiences – usually at Her Majesty’s Pleasure.. It all adds up to a musical extravaganza, thanks to our maestros Stig Winslet and Pete Harbour.. and the efforts of our so-called team.. Paul Richmond and Eoin Clarke. Find more of The Bruvs on twitter, facebook and insta @TheBruvsTV and at our website – PLEASE COMMENT, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE