CARTOON COMEDY ROGUES THE BRUVS have been busy during Lockdown. For starters, who’d have thought the word would have new meaning other than the one they’re used to while at Her Majesty’s Pleasure? Any road up – things might be easing. But during Lockdown, The Bruvs have learnt guitar, recorded a song, made a music video and set up The Bruvs Office of General Information (BOGI) .. Have you seen The Bruvs’ BOGIs? Handy, unofficial and a bit rubbish guideline films to help with some of the health rules during the pandemic. Well, now ALL their activity is bundled for your ease and viewing pleasure in the Lockdown Trilogy. Not many! Fill yer boots… Find more of The Bruvs on twitter, facebook and Insta @TheBruvsTV and on soundcloud. Also at our website – PLEASE COMMENT, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE