HELLO – Greetings from a Tier 4 The Bruvs HQ. Who would have thought at the start of the year THE words of 2020 would have included Virus, Lockdown, Mask and Tier.

We’ll be looking back at the year more fully before the chimes welcome 2021.

Before all that we have the Holidays or Christmas. We’re sure, for many, whatever plans there might have been are somewhat altered. Especially in the UK as extra levels of Lockdown kick in.

As we have said throughout this pandemic, our hope has been to continue to bring some entertainment your way. We’ve surprised ourrselves that we have managed to do what we have. We were able to work out a way of functioning from home bases that meant we could also share our individual contributions to team efforts.

We did our Lockdown Blues song and music video, the well-meaning but rather rubbish Bruvs Office of General Information (BOGI) advice films on Mask wearing and Social Distancing. We upgraded our Brick or Treat Hallowe’en film and we souped up our Christmas film. And we brought you the all-new Taking The Piss which – back then – heralded the re-opening of pubs.

We have also brought you our first ever GAME developed with Zero Gremlin indie developers in Canada. The BUST-A-DOOR game has just been upgraded and is LIVE now on GooglePlay and is coming soon to AppleStore. BUST-A-DOOR GAME

We have also given this website a face lift adding all our most recent films that can also be found on our Youtube Channel. THE BRUVS YOUTUBE CHANNEL

So, we have been busy bringing as much as we can to you. Call it OUR GIFT TO YOU, you lucky lot.

Remember you can find actual possible gifts at our online shop – we offer T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Dog vests, Baby bibs, Caps, Mugs and more .. at  www.TheBruvs.com/shop

As we race towards the Christmas break, we want to repeat our massive Thanks to all who support us and help us to reach ever more fans of comedy and animation.

We’re bringing more to you all the time.

We hope you’ve liked this year’s films.. Get stuck into our Game and let us know what you think. And do BUY something from the shop.. It helps us keep going.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays…

Please keep supporting The Bruvs and keep spreading the word. THANK YOU… and KEEP SAFE. We insist! – The Bruvs