Hello – and welcome all to 2021. Does it feel much different? We suspect not. But, like you, we’re hopeful. It seems that there is a light at the end of the tunnel – albeit still a distance away. But the pandemic and its effects on what we call Normal might start to recede a bit this year. Patience is all.

We hope Christmas and the New Year went OK for you. We ploughed on, posting on all our social media and websites.. Do check them all out and get following.. On facebook, twitter, soundcloud and youtube.

You might recall, once we realised we could carry on producing films for you last year working remotely, we did. We wanted to keep trying to bring the laughs. So we did. Try. We produced a few films and we even enteerd the world of mobile gaming with our first indie game. It’s available FREE now on GooglePlay and will be coming to AppleStore soon. BUST-A-DOOR

It is fully our intention for 2021 to keep bringing laughs and fun to you – as much as we can. New animated comedy films, new jokes, new observations, music and the upgraduing of our game.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a new film on our youtube channel that shows the sort of thing we do. It’s a mash-up of trailers for some of our recent films and we’ve called it TRAILBLAZING which seemed to fit. Give it a go. What teasers we are.

Of course, we’re also working on all-new films amnd other content for your pleasure.

It’d be nice if you might check out our shop and buy something to help us keep going .. Every purchase supports us as Indie producers of cartoon comedy. https://www.thebruvs.com/shop/

We wish you all well. And all good things for the coming year.. Let’s hope we can all blaze a trail this year back to the things and the people we have missed during 2020.

More soon. Keep safe.