Hello – The New Year is a lot like the old year, it seems. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing we wish you well and hope 2021 turns to brighter times for all.

We’re busy at The Bruvs. Work continues to upgrade our amazing – and first – mobile game BUST-A-DOOR which is live now on GooglePlay. We’re trying to get it onto AppleStore as soon as we can. Give it a go. It really passes the time. THE BRUVS BUST-A-DOOR GAME

We’re working on new comedy too. Scripts, cartoons and all the funny stuff we do on all our social media platforms .. Please do remember we’re on twitter and facebook  THE BRUVS ON FACEBOOK as well as our exclusive Youtube channel.

Amazingly our channel and our cartoons have been going six years now. Time flies when you’re having fun, they say. And we do have fun.

One thing we’re pleased to have done this year is another upgrade of this website.. The mothership of Bruvs HQ. We’ve now made it possible to feature ALL our cartoon comedy on the home page.. That’s more than FORTY SHORT COMEDY ANIMATIONS for your delectation.

Hey – why not dive in and binge away. It couldn’t be simpler now – they’re all displayed on the home page of TheBruvs.com – They might help pass some time. You might even have a laugh.

We always want people to Comment on our films and to share and to SUBSCRIBE too… Please do .. Get stuck into our channel : THE BRUVS YOUTUBE CHANNEL

More news from us as it happens.

We wish you all well and thank you for the continued support for The Bruvs.

Keep safe –

Til next time… The Bruvs!