The never-ending mission to tell people about TheBruvs goes on. After a run of very nice articles in numerous blogs, online magazines and newspapers… TheBruvs have also been doing their bit and taking to Radio.

Yes – we know – we have the perfect face for radio.

BUT presenters have been very kind in letting us turn up and talk TheBruvs.

Special thanks to Tony Fisher and the nice people at BBC Essex in Chelmsford and to Michelle Ward at Phoenix FM in Brentwood.

Not forgetting the nice folks at East London Radio.

And – of course – the folk at BBC Radio London. We had a great chat with Trisha Goddard who was sitting in for Nikki Bedi a new weeks back.

BUT we are due back on with Nikki herself in a few weeks’ time.¬†Excited!

You can find clips of our chats at our website and on our Facebook. And all the BBC things are on the iplayer for limited periods.

Thanks to all those nice people – and continued Thanks to all YOU nice people for keeping up the amazing support for TheBruvs and our growth.

Our next film is well under way. We have a new song! AND we are plotting and planning some other exciting stuff for you.

Thank you all. Please keep telling people all about us!