In an interesting¬† turn up for the books, Doug and Den – the brothers who feature most prominently in, well, er, TheBruvs, have gone and got themselves an agent. Yeah. An agent. Not like that James Bond, 007 kind of agent. Or that Smiley. Or Jason Bourne. No, they’ve hooked up with the nice people at Red Door Vision who will be looking to help progress the brothers as they sparkle in the media spotlight. Or something like that.

Anyway, as part of this new signing they had to do little biographies of each other for the Red Door website.

News of more things to do with Red Door soon.

We hope you had a cracking Halloween and a lovely Bonfire Night. TheBruvs did pretty well out and about Brick or Treating. They are a bit sorry that this foolproof money-making scheme is not allowed on that Dragon’s Den or on The Apprentice. It seems Brick Or Treat is not deemed a viable business plan. Tell that to TheBruvs.

We are hard at work on our next films. Having to re-do some voice work on them currently. But they look great – and we think they are rather funny too. Lots of action coming up in the first one. That’s why it’s taking a while to get ready.

Of course, like you, TheBruvs are also kind of getting slightly in the mood for Christmas. Planning a few fun things for your entertainment. NO! Not that baubles thing again.

TheBruvs try to be very well behaved in the Season of Goodwill. They know Santa is watching. Or his helpers.

We’d like to recommend our rather nice T shirts or Mugs as a gift idea. For a brother, brother from another mother, best mate or twin. You can find the link at the top of our Facebook page. Or please message or email us.

More from us soon. Thank you all as ever for all the support you give us. It is very much appreciated.

Til next time…

The Bruvs.