HELLO ALL !!!  – Hmmm – that’s a phrase that does not come up often in most conversations. BUT TheBruvs don’t have conversations like most people. They do, however, have a large set of house rules now they are trying to make their new life away from crime and violence in Essex.

One involves the unlikely hobby of battleship model-making, using the bits collected in part-work magazine publications. Oh yes.

All is revealed in our all-new short comedy sketch over on our Podcast and Music soundcloud site… It’s like a little comedy radio show in a neat, teeny package for your ears’ enjoyment. What more could you want? What? More of the same? – Well, you’re in luck because there are now FIVE short sketches on our Podcast site. So, please – head over there and have a binge-listen, comment, share and subscribe. It means the world to us.

The latest episode called READING MATTER is based around the borrowing of an unread magazine. It is a minefield of protocol that would test the most cautious of diplomats.

While you’re having a listen – go on DO… We want to say – as ever – a MASSIVE THANKS to you all for continuing to support TheBruvs in all the ways you do. It means so much to us.

It has been a testing time too… The World Cup, Love Island and a bit of a heatwave.. and now Wimbledon… are all major distractions. Thanks for keeping with us and continuing to View our little funny films, Listen to our music and Podcasts, Share, RT, Like and generally Support TheBruvs in all our endeavours here and on Facebook, Youtube, twitter and Insta.

Exciting news – we are back on the radio soon on BBC Essex and, in a few weeks, on Soho Radio .. More on that before the time. We are thrilled to get this sort of publicity.. IF you want to interview us please let us know – we will do radio, podcasts, blogs, vlogs …. We can talk TV, journalism, film-making, animation and, of course, TheBruvs…

AND we are working on our next animation too… having lots of fun designing cafe logos. Yes. All will be revealed.

Quite a few grown up meetings too and we hope some very BIG news from us in the coming weeks. Of course, it’s all BIG news to us.

Thanks everyone – MORE from us very soon. Not many! – TheBruvs !!! Do have a listen to our latest sketch :