HELLO! – Busy times continue for TheBruvs and we – as ever – cannot thank you ALL enough for all you do to keep us on the road to world domination.. or some sort of slightly larger profile on the global stage. We hope.

NEW animated films are under way and making good progress… and we have had some new films from you! – We love these. You know, the ones where you don a TheBruvs T shirt of hold a TheBruvs mug and send us a short video message. You have to love a Shout Out! – and we love all the ones we get. Keep them a-coming.

We have to give a special mention is dispatches to the awesome DANNI KING – aka The Wandering White Rabbit. She is a funny lady – and you need to check out her own sketch comedy on her youtube channel. Find her on Facebook, twitter and Insta too.

Any road up, a while ago she was in Los Angeles, California – and had the b*!!$ to do a Bruvs Rap to camera, in the very exposed location of Venice Beach. Not many! We love it and we are most grateful. It caused quite a stir on our sites.

Danni has set a new benchmark, possibly, for these messages.. BUT we want to get them still. And we love a photo too. So please grab a T or a Mug – then get a-posing. AND if you have sent us something before.. don’t be shy – send us another and we will plug your latest project for you.

We sneaked back on to BBC Essex for a chat recently and there’ll be more Bruvs publicity any time soon as a new online chat show launches later this month – MORE on that soon, as our least unattractive brand ambassador was allowed to appear on camera and talk about films, TV work and TheBruvs.

AND – our Podcast site is growing. More followers, more listeners… Do please check it out and have a listen to the short comedy sketches on there along with our original music and songs.

The latest sketch sees the worlds of lip fillers, botox and cosmetic stuff – you know, the likes of the Kardashians, Katie Price, The Only Way Is Essex and those Real Housewives – collide with the fat lips of Doug ‘n Den Bruv. We hope it might inndue a few laughter lines as you listen in.

We have some other interviews lined up soon and there will be more podcasts – and new films just as soon as we can get them finished. Please do keep Liking, Sharing, Commenting, Subscribing and generally telling others all about TheBruvs.

Thank you ALL!

The link to our latest sketch comedy podcast is below….

Enjoy! – Til next time, TheBruvs