HELLO – ordinarily at this time we might have been wishing everyone Happy Holidays – as the schools have broken up and it would be the season to jet off, hit a beach, holiday home, hotel – whatever. BUT that might well not be the case for most this year. Of course, we could say What a great time to spend a fortnight binge-watching The Bruvs on our exclusive Youtube channel. But that might not go down too well if you’ve missed out on a break.

However, there is a NEW THING on our Youtube.. It’s a NEW MEGA MIX of Songs from The Bruvs. So, we’ve called it SINGALONG-A-BRUVS … We hope you like it. Featuring our rather popular (Many thanks) Lockdown Blues detailing how Doug and Den tackled Lockdown. You’ve also got the love song of love songs – Sweet Chanterelle – serenading and celebrating our lovely leading lady. Then .. How The Bruvs do Trick or Treat at Hallowe’en – Brick or Treat. Mainly hitting people with a brick to hand stuff over. Give it a watch, turn it up and let the earworms force you into some singing along and some la la laaa-ing.

Remember ALL NEW comedy cartoons are in production and on the way. We’ve been working on scripts and artwork and they are coming along. So, don’t miss out .. Please remember to Watch, Comment, Share and SUBSCRIBE to the Youtube channel. Thanks in advance.

As Lockdown starts to ease in some areas of life, we have continued to do quite well from what seems to have been a captive audience online. We’re still here, still working and still trying to bring some laughs. Please do keep spreading word about The Bruvs and what we get up to.

We hope the summer is not proving disappointing. We know there is a lot of life that is nowhere near back to normal as yet. We wish each and every one of you well and please do Keep Safe.

Hey – if you want to watch our latest thing on our Youtube – you can get at it here … FILL YER EARHOLES! AND EYEHOLES –

Til next time…..

Take care.