Hello – we hope you are doing OK. To say the least it has been a different kind of year… And after a boiling heatwave we now seem to be heading to cooler times… Leaves seem to be falling and there is a whiff of Autumn in the air… And we’ve still got August Bank Holiday to get through.

While some may be wishing this year away, we’re not quite going to go that far.. But, as you know, animation takes time and we have to think ahead – and plan ahead. So, we are thinking.. yes, thinking about Hallowe’en.

We think we might have some exciting news… The Bruvs could be venturing into the world of Gaming… Is that of interest? We hope so. We’re looking into something featuring our leading geezers up to mischief in a game possibly based around our classic music video Brick of Treat. You remember – The Bruvs have adapted TrickĀ  or Treat to suit their own demands. It could be a lot of fun. Watch this space. We’ll keep you fully informed.

And – on the same theme we’re looking to update and improve our Brick or Treat music video in time for the season. Many of you are probably thinking 2020 has been fairly horrific already.

We hope we’ve been able to brighten things a bit.. with our Lockdown song and music video, our Bruvs Office of General Information films on Masks and Social Distancing AND our big night out fallout film Taking The Piss. Also, of course, with all our malarkey on facebook, twitter and insta.

We’re totally grateful for all the support you show and it inspires us to keep doing what we do – even in such trying times.

So, we’re on the case for Hallowe’en – and we could have some very big news about a new avenue for The Bruvs soon.

Keep watching, keep sharing, keep liking and please keep subscribing to our youtube channel and telling others all about The Bruvs.

In the meantime – here is a our original version of brick of Treat to get you in the spooky mood…