Hello – hope your Bank Holiday weekend went OK in the UK. Bursts of sunshine continue but the nip of Autumn is very much in the air.. We think we saw a Christmas toys ad on the TV the other night AND supermarkets have Xmas chocolate in already. Brace yourselves.

We’re not quite into Festive mode here at The Bruvs but we are VERY excited… We have a new twist on our Hallowe’en Brick or Treat music video under way … With a 2020 twist.

AND we can now announce that work is also underway on our very first venture into Gaming with The Bruvs characters. We have teamed with Gremlin Works to develop a game- maybe even a series of games featuring our lead characters doing things very much in the style of The Bruvs cartoons. We are thrilled to be doing this. It’s been on our agenda for some time. We’ve teamed with an Indie Game Developer who very much gets what The Bruvs are about. So far, so good.

We’ll be updating on all this as things develop further. And updates will also be on our twitter – with little videos – and on our facebook. Do check them out.. Links here on the website.

We’re running contests on our twitter now too – with T shirts and other swag to be won.

So, it seems we can all feel the pull towards the end of the year now… and there is a lot to be concerned about still. But we are continuing to try to bring you as many laughs as we can. And now laughs in Game form.

More on our new films and our other new stuff soon. In the meantime – do keep safe and do Take Care.