HEY! … Hope you all had a chance to listen in to our amazing new comedy sketch Podcast over on soundcloud… The one with that Jack Regan soundalike Inspector Badger .. nemesis of TheBruvs’ clan… Find the links at our website TheBruvs.com

More from him in future episodes and we can’t wait to animate him too… and get him face to face with Doug and Den Bruv in a full on cartoon.

We are hard at work on new sketch comedy and new cartoons too.. More of those just as soon as we can get them right for you to enjoy. One trouble is we just enjoy making them a bit too much. We keep laughing at our own jokes. Is that a bad thing? Hope not. Hope it just means things are funny.

Here’s another funny thing. CLANG. Or a bit tech possibly. After trying for a while to get one of those magical Blue Ticks on twitter or facebook, we have now just been given a BLUE TICK by GOOGLE for our Search Page .. So we now have our very own Google page too – on top of our Youtube channel, instagram, facebook, soundcloud, tumblr and twitter.

It’s meant to help us rise up the search rankings apparently – and we could not have got it without all your continued support. So – as ever – THANKS to you lot for keeping TheBruvs going. And do please keep doing what you do…

Keep on Liking, Commenting, Sharing, Following, Subscribing and Telling others about TheBruvs and our cartoons and comedy sketches and songs.

We’ll be back with more News before Easter… In the meantime you might care to feast your eyes – or indeed Go Ogle us On Google…

Here’s the LINK: https://posts.google.com/share/hL_Y_0MM/aXMuUH?fbclid=IwAR1-fGzDQL8yHYvXqBwbXJkkqN40EljV0wBrnLrfSfLSZA1WHhw6Q-fG-Bc

More soon – Thank as ever to you lot…

Til next time … The Bruvs