HELLO – We hope you are all coping with the ongoing situation. In the UK we are tentatively tip-toeing into Lockdown easing. Well, some are. Some are diving in head first. The idea is for it to be a phased relaxing of some of the rules. Only time will tell…

BUT as we face up to some Lockdown easing, it might be time to cast an eye or two back .. And that’s what we have done. The Bruvs have been busy during lockdown.. Doug and Den didn’t waste time.. It was all about self-improvement .. for a while. They learnt guitar, recorded a song – Lockdown Blues – made a music video for it, then they founded The Bruvs Office of General Information .. (BOGI)… The idea being to make unofficial guidance films on some of the health advice being given out. They ended up being a bit rubbish – and mostly useless. Have you seen The Bruvs’ BOGIs? We hope so.

Anyway, what with the Easing and everything, we’ve now bundled all The Bruvs’ Lockdown output into one easy to view, handy version on our youtube channel.. LOCKDOWN TRILOGY.

Of course, we’re still working on new stuff – films, songs, podcasts .. the lot. BUT it might not be “Lockdown” stuff for much longer. Who knows?

Certainly our other film posted recently – TAKING THE PISS – was almost a prediction of goings-on in Soho, London on the first night of Lockdown easing – so-called Super Saturday. Check it out to see how we seem to have been bang on.

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Right, you lot.. Keep safe .. and check out our new youtube channel posting right here :