Hello – we hope things are OK with you as the strangeness of 2020 continues. We’re pleased to report all is quite tickety-boo at The Bruvs HQ.

Our run of films during lockdown continue to do well on our youtube channel..It seems our BOGI guideline film on wearing masks might be coming into its own as masks look set to be made compulsory in shops and enclosed spaces.

We can also report that our following continues to grow – not only on the channel but also on facebook, twitter and insta.

Welcome to all our new followers and supporters… And especially to our new Posers.. Yes – we have once again fully updated our wall of posers .. Those who have posed in a The Bruvs t shirt, sweatshirt, cap – or holding one of our mugs… TEAM BRUVS … And once again our minds are a bit blown. It’s incredible how the line-up continues to grow… Please remember that each purchase from our Online shop helps to support us and to help us keep making our comedy cartoons, original songs and music and to run all our sites.

The shop is right here on our website : TheBruvs.com/shop

Check out our range of merch .. in a selection of sizes, colours and logo designs.

ALSO – we have just gone into production on another NEW FILM… Script work is in progress and artwork is under way. We’re very excited to be developing yet another new cartoon to bring to you.

Continue to keep safe… and continue to keep spreading the word about The Bruvs … we always welcome new folk to our social media and we love getting new subscribers to our youtube channel – where there are more than 40 films… Check them out and please share and leave a comment.

Take care – you can find our youtube here :  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI5al_Dl4V0kh-dxBsbjyig

Til next time…