Hello – We hope you’re still coping and that lockdown – as it seems to be slightly easing – is not treating you too badly.

We are still at it and still trying to bring you as much funny as we can.. and we have more for you right now…

First up – our Lockdown Blues music video and song continue to thrive on our youtube channel and on soundcloud .. and our first guidance film from The Bruvs Office Of General Information – BOGI – is also going down a treat albeit unsanctioned, unoficial and not very good … The good news – or bad – is that another guidance film is on the way very soon..

In the meantime another all-new adventure is now availabnle on our youtube channel and it’s a cracker.

It’s found footage of The Bruvs up to no good in Soho in the West End of London pre-lockdown .. In fact in the very last days pre-lockdown. It seems the brothers wanted to go on one last bender visiting their favourite watering holes.

Of course, all those fluids have to end up somewhere and the lads end up having to use temporary portable loos in the street. Things don’t go well and all sorts gets exposed as Doug and Den make a splash in more ways than one.

Things get messy.

We hope you enjoy¬† it – and will view it, share it – leave a comment and subscribe to our youtube channel. Tell the world…

As said, more from us soon and thanks as ever for all the support you show us…

Here is our new film – TAKING THE PISS…¬† – til next time – Take care –