HELLO!!! – Blimey. It seems not much more could have possibly happened since our last post. Troubling times indeed on the world stage.

Of course, The Bruvs is all about trying to raise some laughs. But we’re not oblivious to the worries, concerns and sadness that the Virus outbreak has and is causing.

Today, once again, we fully updated our Wall of Posers in the Wear It Share It image of Team Bruvs with our T shirts, mugs, caps and other gear. Firstly a MASSIVE Thanks to all who send us images and who support us by buying some of our merchandise.

Also, as we did the updating, we were thinking about how far The Bruvs has come thanks to all those posers in Team Bruvs and thanks to the teamwork and support from not only those in the pictures but beyond … From all the others who Like, Comment. Share, RT and subscribe to our stuff here, on FB, twitter, insta and on youtube. It shows what Teamwork and Support can achieve.

So, not  wanting to get all serious on you.. may be bear in mind how we can achieve stuff and how we can get through things and move forward with a bit of team effort and by offering support.

The Bruvs are cartoons.. Not Marvel superheroes, of course… But it might be time for us all to be a bit Superhero or a bit Boy scout… May be to DO GOOD, BE GOOD and BE NICE.. Think of others.. The Bruvs say so!!!!

We hope a little laugh with us might help some of you cope with what is going on. It might help others too whoi  have yet to discover The Bruvs and our naughty ways. So, please do keep Liking and Sharing our stuff.

We will keep posting and will keep working on new films, audio sketches, music and other stuff.

We wish you all well… Be safe, Take care – and Thank you all!!!