Hello… From all of us here at The Bruvs we wish you well and hope that you and yours remain safe in the coming weeks or months as this health crisis continues.

Of course, making comedy through such an event is tricky. What is funny when there is so much that is not? Our hope is that – if you think you need a laugh – you might drop by or even share us with someone who might be looking for a laugh also. We are trying to tiptoe through the situation as much as anyone else. But sometimes, a laugh might be needed. Obviously, our comedy is more about how our characters are dealing with elements of the crisis and the side issues – like finding toilet roll or keeping a social distance.

We would say that we are here – and we would not be without you. So, if you want to talk to us .. do so by emailing or get into the comments on Facebook or twitter. We always try to reply to people. As quickly as we can. We like to hear from you.

Some good news from us is that we are carrying on carrying on. We are able to work on – all split up and remotely.. by the magic of technology. Only today we had a script meeting – or what laughably passes as a script meeting with us. We’re going to be recording the voice tracks for a totally new fully animated cartoon in the coming days – all remotely… and then work will get under way on producing the new film. It’s one way to pass the time during lockdown.

We’re also working on in other ways… We have an exciting new feature in a new Online magazine on the way – More on that soon. And our least unattractive Brand Ambassador is popping up in interviews on radio and insta and elsewhere over the coming weeks. Details on our Facebook and twitter.

Once again – we wish you all the best. Please keep suporting The Bruvs and do keep sharing us … Our Facebook page, our twitter and our youtube channel.. All links are on this our website here at TheBruvs.com

Keep safe – Take care – Look after yourselves … from all at The Bruvs