Hello All – we hope you are all keeping safe and the lockdown is not proving too difficult for you. As we said in our last Blog, although we know how serious this crisis is, we hope we’re able to lighten the tone a little for you as well.

One of the wonders of the self-isolating and lockdown policies is the huge increase in what’s going on online.. And here at The Bruvs is no exception. We have seen lots more of you on our Facebook, twitter and  insta pages and here and at our youtube channel. Thanks as always.

It is a very busy time here for us… We have had great success pushing forward with our NEW FILM… We were able to have social-distanced script meetings and to record new voice-overs. That soundtrack was all sorted by our sound editor in his home studio and now work is underway on the cartoon proper. We are very excited to have been able to carry on with production at this troubling time.

We were also pleased to be able to talk about it – via our Least Unattractive Brand Ambassador – on an InstaLive interview with North London Radio thanks to their lovely breakfast show diva Bex Salmon. Our idiot Brand bloke was eventually able to handle the technology to connect. Thanks for having him on Bex!!

As is evident, The Bruvs have their fingers in many pies – and they just got even more encrusted. Another amazing job has been landed – and one that some, indeed hardly anyone at all, are calling “Well Overdue”. In an EXCLUSIVE arrangement with ALL NEW Online publication GHQ Magazine … The Bruvs are now AGONY UNCLES. Yes, you read that right.  (They’re used to causing pain after all) Shove over Dear Deidre.. It’s time for Dear Doug ‘n Den… in our massive new column.

The brothers could not be more pleased to be bringing their unique brand of wisdom, learning and life skills to the masses of ordinary people. In our first venture we’re delicately handling some of the issues surrounding the Covid crisis. After all, The Bruvs are no strangers to social distancing .. Not many want to come near them.. AND they’re also dab hands when it comes to Mask-wear. It’s part of their business apparel.

You can find the full guidance online on  the GHQ magazine facebook page and also at their website GHQMagazine.com

We’re now open for the next batch of questions and queries from you lot. The Bruvs are here to help. Get in touch via GHQ or via our social sites on Facebook, twitter and insta… We want to hear from you…

As if that wasn’t all enough, The Bruvs will be making more headlines later this month.. More of that then…

Blimey… see? – we are a bit busy .. But we’re thrilled to be doing stuff for you. And we’re always greateful that you seem to appreciate it. Thank you all…

Please – from all of us here at The Bruvs … Look after yourselves.. Take care and Be Safe!!