Hello – We hope you are keeping safe and taking care during the ongoing crisis. We wish each and every one of you well.

As we have said before, we are trying to carry on here at The Bruvs and to bring some funny stuff your way as best we can.. To that end, we have loads of NEW STUFF in production.. a NEW film, a new song and a new music video are all in progress.

Meanwhile, we continue to try to bring smiles through our sites on twitter, facebook and insta .. and on our youtube channel.

We always seek publicity – and to our amazement we have picked up quite a bit in the last few days…

Our first column with Doug and Den as all-new Agony Uncles for GHQ online magazine has gone down well. More of that malarkey to come…

Our least unattractive Brand Ambassador managed to get away with it in his first ever Insta-Live interview with Northbound London Radio. He then managed to behave long enough to not be thrown off air by the wonderful Jo Good on her BBC Radio London show. Thanks for praising The Bruvs, Jo!!!!

Then – we’ve only gone and got some rather nice REVIEWS from a great new films, TV, theatre reviewing outfit called REVIEWER NUMBER 9. They’re on twitter and have their own blogging website.

It seems they rather liked us. They looked at SIX episodes and came away praising our Lowbrow Humour – fair enough!.. But also suggesting – as have others – that we might benefit from longer episodes .. in the same way The Simpsons grew from filler shorts on the Tracey Ullman show. We NEVER tire of being compared to The Simpsons.

Then – they said we would make good lockdown viewing and commented in our “witty humour”…

We are a little chuffin chuffed with that.

We’re not really about blowing our own trumpet .. but sometimes people say the nicest things and we were mightily cheered by those comments. Doug and Den never even had to threaten anyone to get them. Result.

As if all that was not enough – we are due to appear in another magazine any moment.. More of that inĀ  our next update.


Of course, you keep supporting us too – and that means the most to us.

Thank you all .. Please keep liking our posts.. Sharing, RT-ing and SUBSCRIBING …

Keep safe – Take care ..

Til next time… The Bruvs