Hello all – we hope you and yours are keeping safe during these extraordinary times.

As we have reported a couple of times, to our amazement – despite the challenges of social distancing and lockdown – The Bruvs is still in production. We have on the way…A NEW SONG, A NEW MUSIC VIDEO AND A FULL NEW COMEDY ANIMATION… HOORAH!  – It’s all the more amazing to us as there is almost a full media shutdown in other areas.. Major movies and TV shows are shut, postponed or cancelled, festivals are postponed, tv channels and broadcasters are running out of content, thousands of workers are not working…

But animation is one area that is in demand. We thought whether we should carry on trying to make stuff. Humour during a crisis is difficult. But as most people seem to be finding comfort from their screens and as many others have been trying to make us laugh through all this, we decided to press on.

And now that decision and how we went about it – and are going about it – has become an article in Online publication CUTFRAME MAGAZINE… Written by our Least Unattractive Brand Ambassador, who dusted down his old (VERY old) journalism skills, the full article can be found here : http://online.fliphtml5.com/usfsg/qkmr/#p=1

It tells background of The Bruvs and how we make our shows normally and now in isolation. We hope you find it interesting.

Meanwhile, we work on. And we continue to hope that our efforts to make you smile help in some way.

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And please keep safe! – Take care…  Til next time – The Bruvs