Hello –

Yes. We are coming at you a bit thick and fast currently. Certainly in our terms. But, as we said a while ago, our hope is to bring some entertainment and some light relief to you during this crisis and during the strangeness of lockdown and self-isolation.

As our recent write-up in CutFrame Magazine revealed, we have been able to carry on in production despite the difficulties involved. Normally we make our stuff as a team effort. We write together, then more are involved – together – in recording and reshaping scripts. Then, music enters the scene… At the moment, none of that is possible.

But, with technology .. WhatsApp, Zoom, small digital recorders and the joys of home studios… we are lining up lots of new stuff for you.

First up – as promised – is a NEW SONG.. Recounting how The Bruvs are themselves dealing with all that’s involved in self-isolating and lockdown.

Called ‘LOCKDOWN BLUES’ it’s as ever an annoyingly catchy number (the phrase of past critics not us) and all praise has to go to our rather clever and talented Stig Winslet and Pete Harbour for conjuring up another memorable Bruvs song.

As you might imagine, The Bruvs have their own take on how this crisis started, the issues of toilet roll stockpiling, not being able to go to work, the marvellous efforts of all frontline key workers and how there will be light at the end  of the tunnel.

In no way do we want to make light of the seriousness of this crisis. Our hope is that finding humour in some of the side issues arising from it will amuse and entertain.

The song is on our Soundcloud site along with our other songs, theme tune and our audio comedy sketch podcasts.

On the way are a Music Video to accompany the song AND an all-new animated cartoon caper… Both will be on our youtube channel in due course.

We hope you are all continuing to keep safe. Please do keep supporting The Bruvs. Thank you as ever …

Take care … from all at The Bruvs.

You can listen to LOCKDOWN BLUES HERE: