Hello – We hope this finds you safe and taking care …

As we said in previous blogs, we are working on here at The Bruvs to bring you all sorts of new stuff through the lockdown and beyond…

So, we’ve put our new song LOCKDOWN BLUES on our Soundcloud page and the response has been brilliant. Thank you all for listening and for some most encouraging comments.

Work is now under way on a Music Video to accompany the song – and it is already making us laugh out loud at our own material. Is that wrong?

Meanwhile, work goes on for an ALL NEW adventure from The Bruvs … Which is also making us most excited.

And, then, as if that wasn’t enough .. You lot go and spoil us just like the chocolate treats Ambassador and add some amazing comments on our sites.

We are amazed and humbled by what people are saying about The Bruvs. The good stuff, obvs. It is too kind, really. Even latest Reviews have been filled with praise.

It more than encourages us.. it tells us that, hopefully, we are doing something right and that we should carry on. So, we are.

The image with this piece is fully updated and is filled with some of the nicest things people could say about our comedy cartoons and other content.

We’re chuffin chuffed and – truly – most grateful.

We’re pleased to say – there will be more new stuff soon and you can comment some more.. If you fancy.

Most comments are on our Youtube channel – where we now have 40 films… You can check them all out and Subscribe and Comment here : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI5al_Dl4V0kh-dxBsbjyig


Thank you folks!

Please keep safe.

Until next time… Take care…  The Bruvs