Hello – Yes. We know. We are coming at you thick and fast these days.. Mainly thick. BUT we are creating some lovely things we want to share with you in the hope they might amuse and cheer folks during the lockdown and beyond…

We hope you are all coping still and keeping safe…  Of course, The Bruvs themselves .. our lovable rogues Doug and Den and all the gang .. have been dealing with the lockdown and self-isolation as well.. In their own way. The brothers, like many, wanted to spend the time learning a new skill. So, amazingly, they picked up guitars. Yeah. They did. The results can now be seen and heard in their all new Music Video for the all new song LOCKDOWN BLUES…

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Thank you.

We say SUBSCRIBE all the time because then you won’t miss out… We have new films coming at you a lot at the moment. As we have explained here before, we are able to carry on through this crisis and we are making some funny stuff for your viewing and listening pleasures. We hope.

The new film is the result of a great effort by our talented team.. And when we use the terms Talented and Team – we use them in the loosest possible sense. But salutations to our Music Department Stig Winslet and Pete Harbour, our amazing Editor and bringer together of things Paul Richmond and the bloke who does the colouring in mostly Eoin Clarke. Our least unattractive Brand Ambassador Ian Brown hangs about a bit.

The new song and video tell the tale of how The Bruvs clan have been handling lockdown and the pandemic. It’s quite a tale. With a top, as ever annoyingly catchy, tune and guitar work. Amazing imagery and thoughts of loo roll, hobbies, homeschooling and more…

Hey – we have more new films under way too.. well under way. Please keep supporting and please keep sharing and telling others about us here at The Bruvs.

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