We did say – didn’t we – that it was a BIG start to the year. Only just tipping into February 2018 and – after our great appearance on Hoxton Radio – we managed to blag a spot on no less than BBC Radio London, on the Afternoon Show – with that rather nice Jo Good. Not many!

We had a hoot and Jo and team – and her listeners – were all rather nice about TheBruvs. Oddly Jo thought they were quite cuddly. Hmmm. What do you think? Not the first word that comes to our minds about Doug and Den. Each to their own.

So, there we were on the actual BBC in that big, old London. What a thrill.

More Press interviews lined up for coming weeks – more magazines and newspapers. We always like a chat. If you are a journalist, media writer, radio host or presenter please do get in touch. Contacts are on this site or you can find us on that twitter, facebook and all over the place.

Work is under way on our next, all-new film. Exciting times. And we have other content coming this year as well.

If we say Books… Podcasts… We hope you might be as excited as we are.

More news and more stuff from us soon.

As always, we thank you all for all the support. Please do keep sharing, liking, RT-ing and subbing… generally telling others about TheBruvs. We are truly most grateful.

More soon.