Hello ALL – We hope you are thriving. Perhaps we should just mention the weather – for the record – as it has been rather warm, unusually so, in the UK and in our neck of the woods for the past three weeks or so. Great if you are not doing much. Not so great for travel and work. That’s that covered. Sort of…

Because today is OFFICIALLY – SCHOOL’S OUT DAY – for SUMMER! It’s the GREAT BIG FAT GETAWAY weekend – traffic jams, airport hold-ups, car journeys, coach trips… the lot all kick off this weekend. Good luck to you all. Eight weeks of holiday… what could possibly go wrong?

TheBruvs have a few ideas inspired by this annual event…that might help ease any, er, pain.

First – bugger Robbie Williams .. why not let US entertain you. For those fresh to us… we do short, comedy cartoons and little audio sketches along with comedy songs and rather more impressive music.  All are perfect for waiting in queues, in the back  of cars, on buses, in airport lounges or on planes. All links via our website here TheBruvs.com and tell others too. We think we might help pass the time.

Also, let US entertain you pool-side… We’re  perfect for little lounger interludes.

AND – why not let us DRESS you too? – We do rather nice T shirts that suit any occasion. We would say that, but people rather like them. Our Ts are proving popular all over the place…

On that subject – massive THANKS to all who have got a T or one of our Mugs and sent us a picture  or a little video showing the purchase in all its glory. We looooove these. Please do keep them coming in .. even if you have sent us something before.. Go for it again. We will give you or your project or an anniversary or occasion a shout out.. if you want.

People have been very imaginative. Almost throwing down the gauntlet.

We love all this sort of publicity … we welcome it all. In the same way we welcome some crazy celebrity praise, endorsement… fandom? – Not sure what to call it.. But in our roster of famous folk who have expressed support for TheBruvs in some way, we can now number Thandie Newton (of WestWorld and Line of Duty), Simon Gregson (Steve McDonald in Coronation Street), Jeremy Clarkson (motoring journalist), Dominic Brunt (Paddy in Emmerdale), Melanie Sykes (Model, presenter), Linda Robson (Loose Women, Birds of a Feather), Nick Nevern (actor), Eamonn Holmes (presenter), Gavin Rossdale (singer)… And more. And we love it.

So imagine our joy when someone posing in a TheBruvs T shirt is teamed with a celebrity? Step forward Phoenix FM DJ Tony Smith who sent us a couple of fab images featuring the rather marvellous – and idols to us – Heather Small of M People and Glenn Tilbrook of Squeeze. Not many!

Chuffed, we were. Proper chuffed.

We really want to get more pictures or videos from you… and grab a celeb if you like.

With that – and the heat of this summer in mind… you might like to get yourself one of our Ts.. or a Mug. Please try the link below and do message us if there are any problems: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/222325960251

Despite the warmth, we’re hard at it toiling on new films and new podcasts which will be coming your way just as soon as we can get them done.

Thank you as ever for the support. Please send us more pictures and videos – we want to see you!

More from us soon. If you’re heading off – have a great time! – TheBruvs