Hello All – Not wanting to bang on about the weather but it has been hot hot hot – hasn’t it?

Mighty hot round our way making working a little tricky. But working on we have been – and some VERY exciting stuff is coming up and coming your way in the near future.

We are well into production on our next all-new animated film and we have several new sketch comedy podcasts bubbling up. PLUS – our rather talented Music Department – we call them that, it’s not that grand really… They are tinkering with the final stages of a special new Halloween song. Hard to think about Halloween just now – but time flies.

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We’ve also been on the publicity trail again .. a nice re-visit to BBC Essex and Tony Fisher this week for our least unattractive Brand Ambassador. Talking of getting involved – and having a conversation.. we are Open to any offers to be interviewed or to be a guest on your blogs, newspapers, magazines, vlogs, podcasts – whatever… Get in touch and let’s talk.

Thank you as ever for all the support you show us – we are most appreciative.

More films, more podcasts, more music, more songs and more stuff from us soon…

Until next time – The Bruvs