HELLO – hope the summer is treating you well. We are hard at it – it being writing new scripts for cartoons and podcast sketches… and anmating, of course.. and creating some great new comedy content for you to enjoy. We hope.

Today – this very day AUGUST 21 2018 – is National Radio Day and since starting TheBruvs we have been fortunate enough to be asked on to some great radio shows with some great hosts. Of course, it’s all shameless publicity really. But it suits us – and it suits our least unattractive brand Ambassador, especially.

As the old line goes – he does have the perfect face for radio.

We rather like radio – and we like being asked on to shows. We’d love to return to some of those we have already visited… Bibi Lynch on Soho Radio, Laura Pradelska and Lara Fraser on Hoxton Radio, Michelle Ward on Phoenix FM, Jo Good on BBC Radio London, Nikki Bedi on BBC Radio London, Ian Boldsworth on Fubar Radio, Dominic King on BBC Radio Kent and Tony Fisher on BBC Radio Essex.

Some of the injunctions barring us should expire soon. Joke. really. It is a joke.

Of course, the lines between radio and Podcasts are becoming a bit blurred these days.. as more and more people set themselves up as audio broadcasters … TheBruvs are guilty too.

Our new Podcast sketch comedies are continuing to grow on our audio site where they sit with our original music and songs. We’ll be recording some new ones very soon and will be posting them just as soon as we can.

Having been brought up on radio comedy – recordings of old shows like The Goons, Hancock’s Half Hour, Round the Horne and more – we can’t help but be inspired / influenced by those shows. We hope you continue to like what we do – and might share and spread the word on them some more.

The joy  of the podcasts is they are quicker to complete than our cartoons. We are still making the animations (several are in the pipeline) Рbut they do take longer than the audio-only podcasts.

So, on this National Radio Day we wanted to mark the joy of aural pleasure. Chatting and bringing stories to life on radio / podcasts is a most rewarding exercise. It allows room for the imagination to fill in the blanks.

Please support radio – and please support our podcasts.

As said – lots of new stuff coming from us … Watch this space.

Please keep telling people about us. We are most grateful for all support.

Until next time – The Bruvs