HELLO ALL – we hope you have been having an awesome Summer – whatever you might have been doing. In TheBruvs’ part of the world .. it has been confirmed to have been the hottest summer on record. We can vouch for that. Hot work at TheBruvs HQ… but we have been keeping at it.

NEW STUFF from us is in the Pipeline and well under way.. We’ve been doing lots of script work on new animations and new short sketch comedy podcast material. In fact – slightly longer podcast material. These seem to be proving popular on our Podcast and Music site.. do head over there .. links on our website. So, we have decided to stretch them out a bit and expand the format. They’ll still be short and sweet – and perfect for binge listening on trains, planes or in waiting rooms or secretly at work.. wherever really. We have a mega recording session coming up soon and we will be turning things round just as quickly as we can to get things posted.

Meanwhile, new cartoons are also well into production.

As we beaver away on all that NEW stuff, we wanted to pause a little and say a MASSIVE THANK YOU  for all the encouragement we receive and have received so far. We don’t want to be seen as bragging and big headed at all. Please do not think this is about that. This is a genuine Thank you… Because we have received some amazing comments to our films on Youtube and on other sites like Newgrounds. We also get great feedback on Facebook, twitter and insta. We sort of collated a load of the nice things people have been saying and created a collage.. It is all 100 per cent genuine. We assure you. None of these comments are by us wearing false beards or moustaches and using a different accent. Or typeface.

We love getting Praise. Who doesn’t .. but we also like to get constructive comments and feedback.. we try to respond as soon as possible. We like to engage with our viewers / fans… So do please get in touch.. Leave a comment under our films or under our social media posts. We will get back to you.

Also, of course.. do please keep telling people about us. And keep sharing our stuff.

Thank you all .. we’ll be posting new material soon, so stay tuned.

Best wishes! – TheBruvs