Hello ALL – Exciting news from us .. well, we like to think so.. While work goes on to complete current projects, we got a little bit creative and a little bit productive with more new ideas for TheBruvs.

Because a LOT of you are away through the summer and people tend not to be inside looking at tech to watch or listen to us, we also took a little breather. BUT we are back to it full-on now and we have a new animation to bring you in the near future.. ALL NEW! .. We also have some new music and songs on the way.. AND only this week we had a mega session in the recording studio and laid down the voice track for SIX rather brilliant – even if we say so ourselves .. Yes SIX ALL NEW episodes of TheBruvs… These will be audio podcasts to start with and we will be animating them as soon as we can.

We are excited because we have expanded the length and have introduced some new characters to the mayhem that is TheBruvs trying to go straight and failing miserably.

For the first time you will hear their sister Janice speak! .. You will meet their Police nemesis Inspector Badger .. and the local hipster shopkeeper who always seems to come off worst when TheBruvs grace his store with their presence. AND you will meet an old business associate of Doug and Den.. Razors.

More news on all of that VERY SOON. We cannot wait to share it all with you. Not sure if it was a good sign  or not, but we were certainly laughing at  our own jokes. Perhaps we shouldn’t have shared that with you.

So, the recap… new animation on its way, new podcasts on their way and new music and new songs on their way.. Plus specials for the Halloween season.. and whatever else we can bring to you in between all that.

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More from us VERY SOON…

Thank you. – Til next time!

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