Hello All – the blazing summer is becoming a memory as we embrace Autumn and gaze towards the rush of Hallowe’en, Bonfire Night.. Thanksgiving for some, Christmas, the sales and many other events in between. So, new Season… new Stuff from TheBruvs… and we have SHOPPING on our minds… in a big way.

Our latest Comedy sketch Podcast “Gone Shopping” is LIVE right NOW on our soundcloud site… We hope you like it. It’s a sort of homage to the classic Two Ronnies’ sketch Fork Handles/Four Candles. Our least unattractive Brand Ambassador worked a few times with little Ron, as Ronnie Corbett was affectionately known, and in no way are we trying to take away from the all-time favourite sketch he did with Ronnie Barker – who also wrote the sketch. We got to wondering What IF TheBruvs visited a new local artisanal outlet run by a hipster to buy specialist equipment for a job.  All is revealed in the Podcast here:

We plan to animate this sketch in due course to make a new film – as we also plan to animate some of our other Podcasts. There are more in the bag waiting to be released into the wild and they will be posted on the soundcloud site over the coming weeks. We are also working on other animated films and have a couple well under way.

In other news we continue to grow on all fronts.. Particularly in the fun we have with you lot and our T shirts… A few heroes spring to mind who are being amazing in sending us their non-stop poses with their TheBruvs T shirts in the most brilliant locations… On set for films, at shopping superstores… even a live-action sketch helping TheBruvs to bury some swag. Not many! Of course TheBruvs favour a particular, secret location called Epping For£&%… say no more.. our lips are sealed..

We also had a video blaming TheBruvs for trouble at a dentist – but you can’t pin that on us.. Just because Doug and Den fancied trying a new pain control method involving a baseball bat in our episode “Dentist”.

We LOVE getting the pictures, poses and little videos from you all.. Please keep sending them in. And remember that the T shirts and Mugs help us to fund what we are doing. Not much but it helps. So if you fancy buying a T shirt of Mug.. You could try here..: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/222325960251 – Or message us on FB, twitter or insta.

Thank you as ever – Stay tuned, keep spreading the word and enjoy all the new stuff coming this new season…

Until next time. As they might say on a certain dance show…Keeeeeeeeep shoooopppping – TheBruvs