It’s been about three years now. Three small years – but TheBruvs’ growth and the ever-rising numbers in the legions of our fans, supporters and Likers, Sharers and Followers amazes us every single, little day.

We are very close to going beyond what we have been calling our CULT following. Thanks to you lot.

As the very latest image of our supporters wearing TheBruvs Ts or holding a TheBruvs Mug demonstrates, the numbers are growing. Ever growing.

The Likes and Follows to our Facebook, twitter and insta sites, the subs and Likes to our youtube channel are all rising.

We are even getting bigger numbers on our official Dave TV page.  That should impress the bosses there. Not many!

Of course we always want more and more. We are greedy. But with ever larger numbers, the more chance for us to sort some little deals and to start being able to make ever bigger cartoons for you to enjoy.

So, do please keep up the support and do please keep spreading the word on TheBruvs and our gags, little adult animations and memes and more.

BIG THANKS for all that – and COMING SOON some VERY BIG NEWS from us on the content we have been working on recently … NEW FILMS AND, IN ALL-NEW VENTURES : ALL NEW PODCASTS AND EVEN BOOK STUFF. We cannot wait to share the NEWS and the NEW STUFF with you all.

As ever – BIG THANKS from all of us to all of you. Until next time…