IT IS HERE – we are saying it BIG because we know it has been a wait and we know we have kept on promising it is coming. But now, it is, actually, here – OUR ALL NEW FILM – GETTING THE HUMP… You can see it here:

We love it and hope you do too.. It brings a new level of animation to TheBruvs – more than 20 set ups in this short film.. more than ever for us. It took us a while. But we think it is worth it. We’re thrilled with the pace, the action and the dedication to civilĀ  duty that Doug and Den show…

It should appeal to anyone who remembers The Sweeney, The Professionals – and piles of random cardboard boxes in the road.. so we have to name check Life on Mars and Father Ted too .. for some of that. It’s not onlyt for fans of them though.

It might also ring a bell with those that remember a little movie with a little car chase scene called Bullitt. With some bloke called Steve McQueen.

We hope you enjoy the action – and the comedy.

Our new film is not the only new thing from TheBruvs – we are also putting finishing touches to our all new site – over at Soundcloud – where you will find our songs, music – and all new episodes of TheBruvs neatly packaged as sound-only podcasts – small but perfectly formed for a quick listen – and laugh – any time you fancy. All details and Links for all of that very soon.

We are very excited about all this activity… we have not been idle. We like to get these things right before we unleash them.

Thank you for supporting TheBruvs – please do share our stuff and keep spreading the word.

MORE from us very soon…