We told you so. And now the proof is here… We are surely spoiling you.. A new film just recently – THANKS for all the views, comments and shares…

AND NOW – Our ALL NEW venture – PODCASTS .. YES – we have started a site on Soundcloud and there you will find little audio comedy sketches or playlets featuring TheBruvs and our typical comedy stuff.. and there will also be songs and music used in TheBruvs.

The comedy skits will be added to every 2 to 3 weeks. So – do please subscribe not to miss out. Tell others, comment and share. Please. Go on.

Our first Pod is all about the joy of the bean.. TheBruvs are trying to make their new life work in Essex … going straight, embracing cargo shorts and frothy coffee. But away from their greasy spoon cafes of old, one Bruv is not adjusting so well.

A visit to a coffee establishment does not end well. As you can hear here right now – Enjoy! – TheBruvs… MORE SOON.