WE ARE EXCITED – our all new podcast comedy sketches are growing with you. It’s a slow burn, as they say. But we are sure you will get to grips with them. It is still TheBruvs – still the same characters – still the same sort of comedy mayhem. Still made by the same people.

Except, the sketches are like short playlets or little radio shows.. sound only but we think well worth a listen.

AND excitingly, after we launched with For Coffee two weeks ago.. we are BACK with our all new sketch TOOTH FAIRY.

This time, Doug and Den are trying to do their little nephew Jason a favour by pulling his wobbly tooth. Simple. Just tie some thread to the tooth, the other end to a cupboard door – slam.. and over to the Tooth Fairy to settle up with Jason.

That’s how it should go.. BUT not with TheBruvs.. they have decided to make a few quid themselves by filming the event for the hit comedy video outtakes TV show You’ve Been Maimed.

Blood, teeth, biting… and a very messy kitchen. It all kicks off. Hope you like our little nod to the movie Jaws too.

AND soon there will be another treat.. an illustrated version of Tooth Fairy.. using original storyboards. Details on all that soon.

We’re also working on a new animated film … all exciting, like we said.

In the meantime – please enjoy Tooth Fairy.. and catch up with For Coffee and the songs already on our podcast and music site. Perfect bitesize comedy and tunes. For travel, airport waits, waiting room waits, doing weights…

Get stuck in.. and as always THANKS TO ALL FOR ALL THE SUPPORT.

Here’s TOOTH FAIRY – Please SUBSCRIBE and don’t miss out. Next podcast comedy coming soon too…